Owner FAQs

We are a full-service, licensed and insured, property management company serving the Tampa Bay Area that specializes in the renting of new construction homes. With our professionalism and extreme dedication to you, we strive to provide you with top notch property management services, maximize return on investment, and provide access to new investment opportunities in the single-family home space.

We manage many types of residential properties including, but not limited to, single and multiple family homes, condominiums, townhomes, duplexes and apartment complexes primarily in the Tampa Bay area.


We take the stress off you by managing rent, tenants, property maintenance, repairs, contracts, leases and much more. As the eyes and ears, we treat every property as if it were our own. Let us help preserve your rental property and increase the value of your investment without worries.

Along with regular updates, Quarterly newsletters are circulated to keep our owners up to date on new opportunities and current market conditions both locally and nationally.

All maintenance issues are entered into our property management software, Propertyware. This software is simple and user friendly, making it easy for our owners to stay in the loop and keep track of all aspects regarding their property.

Every property is different, meaning each one will have different needs. We offer recommendations for any improvements to the property that will help create a safe environment for qualified prospective tenants and that can increase property value. A property that is in better condition will attract higher quality tenants and will rent out faster than others.

We have built relationships with many different vendors in which we can recommend to get the job done well, in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost for you.

We pride ourselves on our marketing, which is second to none. With extensive background checks and screening processes, we strive to find the right fit for you and your investment property. It is our best interest to minimize the vacancy period, while paying attention to detail and selecting a qualified tenant for each property.

Propretyware manages all revenue streams from rental properties and pays owners directly every month. First, owners will add their bank account information to their owner portal. Statements and draws will be sent out around the 12th of every month to collect funds from the tenant. Once the tenant has made their payment, funds typically take 3 business days to be deposited into your bank account.

We closely monitor all transactions to and from tenant and buyer. If a rental payment is late, we immediately contact the tenant to determine the status of their payment. Based on the response we receive, we may serve a Three Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit. If the tenant still fails to pay, we contact the owner to discuss further action. In the event that an eviction is necessary, we handle the process from start to finish while searching for a new qualified tenant to minimize vacancy periods.

The collected security deposit generally covers a month’s worth of rent which can be used towards any damages that occurred from the tenants. If repairs exceed this amount, we seek restitution from the tenants. We also ensure that they obtain renters insurance upon moving into the property.

Tenants will be charged 2 months rent termination fee if they choose to end their lease early for any reason

We require an executed Property Management Agreement with necessary addendums and disclosures, a copy of the homeowner insurance policy and the keys. If there is a Homeowner Association or the property is currently occupied, additional information may be required. We will assist our owners through each step of the process.


All leases are terms of 12 months and both tenants and owners will be required to sign the lease agreement.

Absolutely! SPM is licensed to assist you in buying or selling of property. We specialize in helping you find the right fit if you’re looking for your next investment property or your forever home.


SPM does a thorough screening for each possible tenant that applies which includes checking income, rental history, credit, criminal background and proper identification. For in depth information on each, please refer to the Tenants tab at the top of our website and select Rental Application Criteria.