The Owner Benefit PackageTM

Protect Your Rental Income & More
for Only $39.99 / unit / month

We are excited to announce a new range of services that will begin on October 1st for one low monthly price!

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Rent AdvanceTM

Option to receive up to 12 months of rent payments upfront on qualifying leases. Rent Advance completely removes the risk of resident non-payment.

$1,000 in Eviction and Legal Expenses

OBPTM protects our owners from costly evictions stemming from a tenant's default on rent. Receive a $1000 protection in the event of a tenant being evicted for non-payment.

2 Months of Rental Protection

Protect your rental income from renters in case of default. Receive 2 months of lost rental income when a tenant stops paying.

Market and Asset Rental Reporting

Our OBPTM Rental Report provides our clients access to the most accurate rental listing camps. Get more data on rental prices in your market!

Real-Time Updates on Rental-Related Legislation

Stay updated on the status of state & federal bills and how they may impact your rental investment.

"If you would like more details about the add-on service please contact your property manager"