October Home Maintenance and Safety Checklist

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October Home Maintenance and Safety Checklist

As the leaves fall and colder temperatures set in, October is the time to get organized before winter and the holidays take over. Plus, October’s the perfect time to brush up on your family’s fire safety plan in honor of Fire Prevention Awareness Month.

Take some time this October for a few home maintenance and safety tasks that keep your home warm and clutter-free.

1. Organize the junk drawer and cupboards

After months of collecting items, your junk drawer and cupboards could use some attention. Decrease the clutter by cutting down on Tupperware, old papers, and plastic bags. Save and organize items you may need later like batteries, flashlights, and first aid items so you can find them easily when you need them.

2. Make sure you’re ready for a fire

Check your fire extinguisher

In honor of fire safety month, check your fire extinguisher’s pressure gauge. The needle should stay in the green if the fire extinguisher is still good. You should also check the nozzle and hose for cracks. Teach your family how to use the fire extinguisher in case of an emergency too.

Develop a fire escape plan

Sit down and get on the same page with your family about a fire escape plan. Download some basic guidelines from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Stock up on items like fire extinguishers, emergency kits, and batteries for your smoke detectors.

Add fire escape ladders to higher floors

Escaping a fire from the top floor can be dangerous business. Add a fire escape ladder for each of the bedrooms in your home for an additional exit in an emergency.

3. Get cold weather ready

Replace the furnace filter

You’ll be in hot water if you forget to replace the filter in your furnace, so check it every 4–6 weeks during the winter months.

Test the sump pump

Don’t let flood water sneak up on you. Test your sump pump to ensure it’s still connected and properly siphoning water out of your basement and crawl spaces.

Insulate the pipes

If you live in an area that gets chilly in October, wrap the pipes in your basement to prevent them from freezing during the coming winter.

Turn off and flush outdoor water faucets

It’s time to hang up your gardening gloves for the winter, so go ahead and turn off and drain any outside water faucets to avoid freezing pipes.

Cover and store outdoor furniture

Find a place to stow your favorite chaise safe from the elements before the snow buries it. If you don’t have space in your shed or garage, at least cover outdoor furniture to avoid wear and tear on the upholstery.

Winterize perennials and clean out annuals

Prep your garden, landscaping, and flower beds for the cruel temps that force plants into hibernation, and clear out the dead stuff so you’ll have room for your next bright idea in the spring.

Rake the leaves and mow the lawn

Give that lawn one last rake and mow to sweep up any remaining debris and get your grass in tip-top shape for next year’s season of growth.

Decorate for Halloween

All the ghosts and ghouls will be out this month. If you’re in the Halloween spirit, decorate your yard with pumpkins and spooky decorations.

4. Deep clean your bathrooms

Who doesn’t love a fresh bathroom? Mold. Cleaning out the loo regularly can keep mold spores from settling. Be sure to get the vents, baseboards, and walls in addition to the usual suspects like the shower and toilet.

5. Test and change smoke and CO detector batteries

These vital safety devices don’t do much if they aren’t charged and connected, so test both your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors regularly. Stock up on those AA batteries and get it done. Earplugs required. You should do the same for your carbon monoxide detector, especially if your home burns gas.

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