10 Popular Remodeling Projects After Moving Into a Home

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10 Popular Remodeling Projects After Moving Into a Home

Moving into a new home is exciting, but there is often plenty to do. Here are 10 popular remodeling projects you might want to tackle first.

1. Doors and Windows – Home Remodeling Projects

Replacing doors and windows is a top project for many homeowners if their new property has broken entryways. These items are necessary for insulation and safety.

Having thick exterior doors and multi-pane windows keeps your interior cool during the summer and warm in the winter. You can add weather stripping to block outdoor air from coming in, but a cracked or damaged door or window makes it much easier for unwelcome guests to enter.

Part of upgrading these fixtures is installing secure locks. Consider door locks with a code or fingerprint option, and windows that only lock from one side.

2. Bathroom Remodeling Projects

Everyone needs a bathroom and many homeowners like to customize theirs soon after moving in. Depending on what you want to do, a bathroom renovation can be relatively quick and inexpensive since the rooms are small. Painting the walls, adding new tiles, and switching out fixtures can make an old bathroom like new.

Be cautious when changing toilets and sinks — especially if you only have one bathroom. Consult a plumber if you have questions about replacing those items.

3. Kitchen

Like the bathroom, a kitchen is a personal space new homeowners want to make theirs. Remodeling projects like installing new cabinets, efficient appliances, and replacing the floor with a water-resistant option can keep the kitchen fresh for decades.

You can also change your kitchen layout by adding or removing an island. If you cannot afford all-new cabinets, consider painting your current ones or replacing the handles to meet your desired aesthetic.

4. Floors

A home’s floors can take a beating, and owners often replace carpeting or scuffed-up floors before selling the home. However, floor replacement remodeling projects are typical first projects for many buyers.

If you want a water-resistant floor, consider tile or linoleum, which provides easy clean-up. Hardwood is durable and a classic choice for living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways.

Carpet is also famous throughout the home and provides a soft surface for walking and playing. It also works as an insulator. Whether restoring hardwood, layering linoleum, or adding new carpet, renovating the floors is a great way to preserve the home while customizing it to your taste.

5. Guest House

Many homeowners will purchase a home with a guest house remodel. Buying a property with a run-down guest home is a great way to provide more living space.

Renovating a guest house often involves adding insulation, completing floors, and painting. The process can take months, but a well-constructed living area can increase your property’s value and provide more space for families to grow. A guest home works great for an entertainment area, in-law suite, home bar, or laundry center.

6. Deck 

A deck is an excellent addition to a home’s exterior. It’s common for homeowners to want a nice outdoor area. You can repair a neglected deck or replace it shortly after moving in.

It provides an ideal space for spring and summer gatherings whenever you want fresh air or sunshine. A deck also serves as an outdoor play area. Wood and composite are common materials for building a deck, with composite being the more durable option.

7. Bedroom

When someone moves into a new home, they’ll likely want to change at least one bedroom. Everyone has their preferences and the bedroom is where you want to be most relaxed to get the rest you need. The same goes for your children and guests.

Add storage options that best fit the height and life stage of the person staying in it. Decorate the walls and add window fixtures to let in as little or as much light as you desire. Include special touches around the room to make it your own.

Whether renovating a space to make it more accessible for young kids or creating a sensual primary bedroom, a new coat of paint and the proper storage can transform even the most minor bedrooms.

8. Closet

Like a bathroom, closets are often small but easy to renovate. They are great first projects for new homeowners who want to see what they can do.

Painting, installing new shelves, or expanding the closet can help you get all the necessary storage. Customizable closet systems are relatively easy to install and you can add them to almost any room. If you make a mistake, you could always keep the door shut from guests until you can try again.

9. Security

With hundreds of home burglaries happening in California each year, it’s almost necessary for houses to have security systems. Whether the place a buyer moves into already has one or not, there are essential steps to keep a home safe.

Changing your locks after moving in can help verify no one has access. Doing so also ensures the locks are more challenging to tamper with than the previous ones. Motion-activated lights and sprinkler systems can also help keep intruders away.

Once you arrange your security system to cover all possible entryways, consider your methods of getting out of the home in an emergency. Making modifications — such as pull-down ladders and chairs — can help everyone escape a fire or intruder.

10. Landscape

Caring for the surrounding property is part of turning a house into a home. Landscaping a new place can make it safer for kids and pets, and provide a personalized view of the nature surrounding the area.

Spending time outdoors has many benefits and having a well-landscaped yard makes it easier than ever to experience them. You can control what activities and plants are around your home, catering them to your household.

Most people enjoy open spaces in their yards to gather and play. Use bushes and trees as a border or to provide shade from the intense sun. Planting low-pollen plants is suitable for allergy sufferers and those with higher pollen levels can attract more pollinators to your garden to help plants thrive.

Remodeling Projects For a New Home

When you move into a home, you may want to change some things. Patience is vital as you plan renovations. Keeping these projects in mind can help you discover your house’s full potential.

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